Peresean : Traditional Fighting of Sasak People in Lombok

Peresean : Traditional Fighting of Sasak People in Lombok

If you’re a real fighter, prove it!!


Hey, we’d like to offer you one of unique costums of Sasak people in Lombok. Peresean is almost equal to boxing, but it in traditional way. Peresean confronts two people, each will hold a bat made of rattan and shield made from cow or goat skin. Remember, the fighters are not using any body protector; they are topless.

The fighters will get injured in the whole body, even in the head. Peresean was a battle to prove a man’s virility in Sasak tribe. There was no animosity after the game was over. Peresean is surrounded by sportivity. Nowadays, peresean is more than just a game, it has now turned to be an attraction to the tourists.

The winner of the battle will be annouced as PEPADU or real fighter in Sasak. Dare to try?






Photograph by Fathul Rakhman

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