Narmada Park in West Lombok

Narmada Park in West Lombok

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Let’s talk about old site, we mean, weren’t talking about beach, small island, or whatever like we’ve posted previously. We’re gonna talk about ‘NARMADA PARK‘ which is an old site from the legacy of the King of Mataram.


Now adays, Narmada is popular as park. Many people come in the weekend to enjoy the green scenery, sometimes swimming or just eating local culiner, like satay. Narmada is at about 10 kilometers from Mataram. It’s located in Lembuak village, West Lombok. The area of ​​park is approximately two acres and was built by the King of Mataram Lombok, Anak Agung Gede Ngurah in 1727.

Anak Agung Gede Ngurah built Narmada as a place for Pakelem ceremony, held every full moon Caka in October-November. This park was built to resemble the beauty of Rinjani Mountain which is used as the resting place of the king. There are some parts in Narmada, the main gate, jabalkap, telaga kembar, gapura gelang, mukedes, telaga padmawangi, balai loji, balai terang, patandaan, bangunan sakapat, balai bancingah, Pura Kelasa and Pura Lingsar.

For the tourists who visit Narnada, they would want to wash their faces in Balai petirtaan. It is the selling point of the park. Balai Petirtaan is the place where spring water from Mount Rinjani being collected, and is the meeting place of three sources of water: Suranadi, Lingsar and Narmada. People has long believed that the water in Balai Petirtaan has a power, thus people who drink and wash their faces will stay young. Inside  the room there is a local religious leaders of Hindu that will pray for the visitors. A woman who has a period (menstruation) at the time is not allowed to enter the hall.

If you take a walk to the back part of the park you can find huge long pipes lied on the ground. As with other attractions, Narmada Park also provides some modern rides like flying fox , swimming pool, green pool and culinary places.












Photograph by Fibriani Widyaningrum

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