Lambung : Sasak Women Traditional Clothes


Every province in Indonesia has its own traditional clothes. In Lombok, it’s called LAMBUNG. Lambung is a sleeveless black dress with a triangular-shaped neckline and little ornament (usually in gold color) on the edge of the shirt. It’s worn with a scarf on the shoulders.

The dress is combined by long woof as a skirt (but not really like skirt), because it’s worn by wrapping one side to another, bonded by another scarf as belt. Usually, the hair is tied up and shaped like a bun. Women usually uses certain earring and and ankle bracelet as an accesorries. For more, enjoy the pictures below!




Model : Isabelle/Leyla
Photograph by Indra Ganeza

You can also read the legend of Mandalika Lombok’s princess or Ogoh-Ogoh parade in Lombok island in this site. Keep tracking our post!

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