Barapan Kebo: Buffalo Racing in Sumbawa

Barapan Kebo: Buffalo Racing in Sumbawa

Are you familiar with racing?? What about buffalo racing? Yuhuuu, let’s enjoy the post below about unique tradition in Sumbawa, “BARAPAN KEBO”.


Barapan kebo in Sumbawa is a traditional agrarian society. This tradition is usually held in each growing/croping season. The tradition is inherited from generation to generation as the ancestral habit by the people of Sumbawa. Initially, the tradition is being carried out as an entertainment in the rainy season which is always followed by the rice planting season. Working during the planting season must be hard; therefore, the farmers need a show to entertain them.People bring their buffaloes down to the rice fields.

Buffaloes that were previously used as plowers turn to become racers. The winning buffalo is the fastest one to reach the finish line. The sensation of thie game is watching at the jockey trying hard to control the racer buffalo, leading, then to go fast and be number one.

Well, You must be prepared to wrestle with the mud, here in Barapan Kebo!!






Photograph by Paox Iben

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